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构建的梦想. Build Your Career.

Full Sail的目标是为学生提供创新的教育方式. The same goes for our employees, providing them with career opportunities, 好处, 和 a work environment that welcomes 和 values creativity. Our employees have the chance to learn, 成长, 和 make contributions to the 社区 they work in 和 live in.

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Career Development -拥抱你的创造力,通过个人和事业来推进你的事业 professional development programsemployee scholarship opportunities.

文化 - bring your most authentic self to work. 我们自豪地作为一个教育社区,由一个令人难以置信的多样化的学生群体组成, 教师, 工作人员, 和 alumni committed to innovating 和 evolving how we see, 听到, 和 connect to one another.

人口普查 -成为一个由2200多名创新者组成的独特而充满活力的创意社区的一员,为22人服务,000+ students from all over the world 和 learn why we were named one of the “Best Places to Work” by Orl和o Business Journal.

教职员工穿着万圣节服装,在Full Sail拱门下摆姿势

Staff members pose in their costumes during annual Halloween events, which include costume contests, workspace decorating competitions, 和 festive gatherings.

Full Sail’s Guiding Principles

Over four decades ago, Full Sail成立的原则是如果你对你的梦想是认真的, we’ll take your dream seriously. With this statement as the bedrock of our culture, several years ago, we surveyed our employees to define our Guiding Principles, the actions that support what we believe:

Support the Student's Dream image

Support the Student's Dream - Full Sail的每个人都是为学生提供支持的生态系统的一部分. 我们有巨大的力量来支持他们,积极地影响他们的生活——帮助他们选择正确的课程, to enabling their education, assisting with their finances, ensuring their safety, maintaining the quality of their learning environment, 和 helping them throughout their career. 我们的学生相信我们提供世界一流的教育,帮助他们实现目标和梦想. 选择在Full Sail上学是一个重要的人生决定和财务承诺, 作为教育者,我们每天都应该在各自的岗位上做出选择, support 工作人员, 和 professionals – that will help our students succeed.

Learn 和 Grow, Always image

Learn 和 Grow, Always - At a university, you’re surrounded by learning on all sides. To keep Full Sail vital 和 current, we need to be as excited 和 committed to learning as our students. That commitment is reflected in many ways. Full Sail offers multiple opportunities for professional development, including free 教师 development courses, management training, 和 tuition reduction programs. 我们要求你寻求每一个机会来增加自己的知识和专业成长. 学习和成长是关于你看待世界的方式和你每天的生活方式,就像阅读最新的新闻一样.

Embody a Spirit of Innovation image

Embody a Spirit of Innovation - Full Sail背后的基本理念是以不同的方式对待教育, 和 it influences everything we do: our degrees, our curriculum, 我们的校园, 我们的日程, 和 the look 和 feel of absolutely everything. 我们学校的持续成功取决于我们每个人在任何可能的时候都继续创新——仅仅因为某件事一直是用某种方式做的,并不意味着我们应该继续这样做. Think about how you approach your everyday work. Look for ways to improve our education, our business processes, our communications, absolutely everything. Innovation isn’t a luxury – it’s a responsibility we all share.

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Faculty - Creative Presentation
(Multiple Openings for Associate Course Director)

If you're looking for the chance to learn, 成长, 和 make a contribution to the 社区, look at employment opportunities with Full Sail University. You'll find your choice of career opportunities, great 好处, an environment that welcomes 和 values creativity, 和 a work experience that is both challenging 和 rewarding!

In the Creative Presentation course, 学生将通过构建和发表自己的演讲来学习口头交流的基础. Through this guided process, 学生将学习有效地利用视觉叙事技巧, create meaningful content, 并从神话和电影中汲取教训,塑造观众的旅程. 多种学习活动将允许学生创造性地发展和分析演讲的核心方面, including audience, 交付, 消息, 和 the visual story. 副课程主任可能需要在校内和网上授课.

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Get To Know Us

与70年,000+ graduates, 40多年来,我们一直认真对待梦想——无论是对我们的学生还是我们的员工. Through campus 和 online degree programs, 我们的教职员工为学生和校友服务,他们正在塑造娱乐媒体和新兴技术的未来.

我们相信员工,就像学生一样,应该有无限的学习和成长的机会. 从 leadership developmentemployee scholarship opportunities to creative office spaces 和 access to wellness resources, Full Sail员工有能力设计自己梦想的职业生涯.

Various movie posters from the summer of 2021

Dozens of Full Sail Grads Credited on Summer’s Biggest Films - Read More on Full Sail Stories

Connect With Us


Staff members, 家庭, 和朋友们一起参加了在奥兰多市中心举行的“大步对抗乳腺癌”年度步行活动, 佛罗里达.

Comprehensive Wellness Benefits

Maintaining a happy, 健康的生活方式是一个多方面的旅程,包括幸福的各个方面, from the physical 和 mental to the social, 知识, 社区, 和 dream-based. Full Sail旨在通过为我们的Full Sail家庭提供研究和机会,帮助您过上充实而平衡的生活,从而涵盖健康生活的每个部分.

  • 通过联合医疗保险公司提供的有竞争力的健康保险套餐在工作60天后提供. 全面的保险,包括医疗、牙科和视力保险.
  • Financial Planning 和 401(k) with employer contributions
  • 步行桌——在校园周围的几个地点之一,将运动融入你的工作流程.
  • 获得健康PTO日-选择参加美国联合医疗保险(UHC)福利的员工, can earn an additional PTO Day or a gift card alternative.
  • 员工援助计划-从日常压力到工作或家庭的关系问题, 员工援助计划(EAP)为整体健康提供支持, well-being 和 life management. EAP福利是100%保密的,所有雇员和家庭成员都可以享受, regardless of location or relationship.
  • 联合医疗保健公司的Rally - Rally是一个网站,为选择参加联合医疗保健公司福利的员工提供健康和福祉信息和支持。.
  • Employees discounts 和 perks from companies in Central 佛罗里达




员工参加一年一度的运动挑战,在那里你可以走路, 运行, or shimmy your way through 21 days of fitness with your department.

Growth 和 Development Opportunities


Full Sail大学校长Garry Jones参加了两年一次的别针仪式,我们表彰达到5岁的教职员工, 10, 15, 和 20+ year anniversaries.

奖 & 赞誉

Recognized as one of Orl和o Business Journal’s Best Places to Work

Recognized as one of Orl和o Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” in 2021


出现在 不同的 2021 Entertainment Impact Report: Top 50 Film Schools 和 Instructors from Around the World

被佛罗里达州高等教育协会评为2019年度最佳学校/学院 & Colleges (FAPSC)

Named the 2019 “School/College of the Year” by the 佛罗里达 Association of Postsecondary Schools & Colleges (FAPSC)

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